APPG on Digital Regulation and Responsibility

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Digital Regulation and Responsibility brings together parliamentarians from all parties and both Houses, as well as leading voices from industry and civil society, to explore how the UK can deliver a robust, effective and world-leading digital regulatory regime.

In recent years, the UK has shown global leadership on how to support a buoyant digital economy while also devising robust digital regulation. Admirable efforts in this space have put the UK in a strong position to shape global discourse on how digital technologies - particularly online platforms - can enhance, not undermine, society.

The APPG on Digital Regulation and Responsibility explores what robust and effective digital regulation looks like, and how the UK can continue to develop and enact a public policy agenda that regulates the digital marketplace to align its interests with those of democratic and social integrity.

The APPG will run a series of activities covering a wide range of topics related to digital regulation and responsibilities, including online harms, child online protection, digital rights, ethical design and much more.